Warehouse for rent Carretera Vieja a Leon, Managua

Código: BR-7976 Rent price: U$ 2.50

wineries for rent - old road to leòn. Module 4 is not available for rent. the finishes of the floors are finished with a tile in the offices which measure 66m2 module 5 and 69m2 module 6. the cellars have the floor is quarry stone and only module 1 has a cement finish. All walls are quarry without finishing. Internet service is paid separately but there is an antenna available, the same as the security service is separate. for the light they have to place a meter, there is infrastructure that lends the conditions. There are two services one of the factory and the other is for offices. The parking has capacity for up to 20 vehicles. The normal price was $ 3.00 dollars per square meter but the low price was up to $ 2.50 dollars per square meter. offer of owners $ 2.50 per square meter and we offer 750-800mt2, tenants will put security, pay water, electricity, and internet. Not negotiable, final offer.



Carretera Vieja a Leon, Managua, Nicaragua

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