Warehouse for sale Tierra Prometida, Managua

Código: BV-8917 Sale price: U$ 117,000.00

wineries for sale of 200 m2 each, built with high quality materials, in a complex of 19 units with a central location with the option of combining 2, 3 or 4 wineries to obtain a larger area. Each warehouse has 2 parking spaces, a cargo area, a rolling metal gate and a pedestrian door. The complex has a control booth, 24 hour security, surveillance cameras and 24 hour access. It has its own water well which guarantees a constant flow for any eventuality. this complex has 2 entrances: one for containers through the gate of the southern strip and another for light trucks across the west side. The warehouses will be built as they are sold. Delivery time is 3 months. administration and income option for the investor



Tierra Prometida, Managua, Nicaragua

maria valeria bendaña
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