Condo for rent Lomas de Monserrat, Managua

Código: COR-3153 Rent price: U$ 1,000.00

Nice town-house of 200 m2 in a secure, centrally located condominium with perimeter walls with electricity, strict access and social area with swimming pool. It features 3 spacious bedrooms with inverter air conditioning, 3 bathrooms (each room with its own bathroom), ½ social bathroom, hall, living room, terrace and backyard, kitchen, laundry area with clothesline, service bedroom and bathroom, private parking for 2 vehicles and visitor parking. It has central hot water system and a drinking water tank with an automatic hydropneumatic bomb. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and a beautiful balcony overlooking the interior patio. Monthly condo fee to be paid tenant.


Living/dining room
External garden
Service area
Rooms (3)
Bathrooms (3)
Water heater (split)


Lomas de Monserrat, Managua, Nicaragua

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