Building for sale Carretera a Masaya, Managua

Código: EDV-8486 Sale price: U$ 230,000.00

building of 540 m2 of construction which has 3 apartments, apartment "a" has a construction area of 65mt2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, integrated living room, kitchen, 2 air conditioners, apartment "b" has 80mt2 of contruction , 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathroom, dining room, 2 air conditioners, apartment "c" is under construction. It has a separate warehouse of 163 m2 outside the building, they will also have a camera at the main door of the building, card with access code, small gym area, laundry service area and independent communal ironing. the apartments can be rented: apartment "a" $ 350.00 / month apartment "b" $ 400.00 / month can be sold individually according to the apartment size of 65mt2 ... $ 50,000.00 2- apartment of 80mt2 .... $ 70,000.00 or sale Total building including warehouse $ 230,000.00



Carretera a Masaya, Managua, Nicaragua

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