Building for sale & rent Altamira, Managua

Código: EDVR-8041 Sale price: U$ 280,000.00 Rent price: U$ 2,950.00

commercial building for rent in altamira -managua. two-storey building with a third level that has an office (suitable for management) with a private bathroom, completely remodeled, with a total area of 546mt2. with the following characteristics: first floor: posse hygienic service for men and women, 1 pantri, 1 recreation area, 2 rooms (suitable for offices) with a shared bathroom, with private garage. Second floor: hygienic services for men and women, 1pantri, 1 recreation area, general parking: it has 3 areas with capacity for two vehicles each area. (total 6 vehicles) water tank with its pump, 220v electric light and drinking water. Suitable for offices, commercial companies and trade school.



Altamira, Managua, Nicaragua

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