Farm for sale El Transito, Leon

Código: FV-3418 Sale price: U$ 110,000.00

farm for sale - the transit. 25 block property just 1km from the sea. This property is sold separately or together as follows: 1- the entire property is sold that is 25 mz that includes a large house that has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen space, well with water tank, 2 air conditioners, is located. Total price $ 110,000.00 2- the land is sold that are 24 1/2 mz, which includes a small house that is the caretaker's house that has 1 room, living room, kitchen, well with tank of water shared with the big house, also has pens. total price $ 90,000.00 has fruit trees, water eyes active in winter and summer


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El Transito, Leon, Nicaragua

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