Commercial space for sale Mercado Roberto Huembes, Managua

Código: LOV-10374 Sale price: U$ 70,000.00

Excellent two-story commercial property in the Roberto Huembes Market with a privileged location, on a main internal street of the market that is heavily trafficked and double lane, only 30 yards from access to the parking lot, regardless of the established market hours. It features a construction with an exceptional structure of steel and concrete in its bases, columns and beams with 6 elements and ½-inch steel, which could be useful for the construction of a third floor. It has a living room, kitchen area, 1 bathroom, second floor with tile without divisions and closed with black sheet and perlin structure. Suitable for a clothing and footwear store, pharmacy or hardware store, among other uses.


Bathrooms (1)


Mercado Roberto Huembes, Managua, Nicaragua

Ronald Palacios
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