Office/commercial unit for rent Altamira, Managua

Código: MR-9128 Rent price: U$ 9.00

3-storey building, ideal for a call center or large business. It has insulated roofs with natural light, with more than 60 parking spaces for vehicles and more than 20 parking spaces for own motorcycles, located in an excellent commercial area, close to businesses, restaurants, shopping centers, main tracks and others. If the entire place is rented, the price is $ 9 + VAT per square meter, but if your rent is partial, the price is $ 10.50 + VAT per square meter. Maintenance services are worth $ 1.50 + vat per square meter.


Water reservoir
110V power source
220V power source
Air conditioning


Altamira, Managua, Nicaragua

loyda velásquez
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