Uncategorized for rent Bluefields, Atlantico Sur

Código: SCR-6639 Rent price: U$ 10,000.00

for rent industrial operations plant for oil exploration, seafood processing, etc. located in the municipality of bluefields. the property has more than 10.91 blocks (109,152.64 vr2) of available area. Among the many works it has: a large warehouse with an internal office (the main nave measures 4,347.82 m2 including mezzanine area), such a factory has a reinforced metal structure, 14.48mt2 high, wide and tall portals for access of large vehicles, vans, etc. The parking area is private, this perimeter is fenced with cyclone mesh and serpentine. It has a runway for landing of aerial vehicles. It has a private dock, for boats it has a storage warehouse, it has an auditorium with offices with new facilities, the whole new electrical system has 8 independent buildings that can be rehabilitated for homes, with sections for rooms and bathrooms, has a total of 12 hygienic services scattered throughout the area and also booths for surveillance has a well of drinking water, reserve tanks and septic tanks. The entire plant with perimeter wall protection and central institutional surveillance.



Bluefields, Atlantico Sur, Nicaragua

maria valeria bendaña
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