Uncategorized for sale Barrio Largaespada, Managua

Código: SCV-6535 Sale price: U$ 94,000.00

house suitable for business, office or housing. in urban middle class. excellent access roads. It is a residential-commercial sector which has all the necessary urban equipment of a good neighborhood, with varied businesses, multidirectional accesses, etc. free of environmental and industrial pollution, it is very close to the mountain range, tiscapa, buenos aires, francisco meza and bruce field. The house has 8 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a living-dining area, common room, a not very large patio and pergola for added security. It has a tank for water reserve. public services are fully available, including garbage collection, sanitary and storm sewer, cable, internet and street lighting.


Rooms (8)
Bathrooms (4)


Barrio Largaespada, Managua, Nicaragua

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