Uncategorized for sale & rent Las Colinas, Managua

Código: SCVR-6551 Sale price: U$ 885,000.00 Rent price: U$ 3,625.15

rent available in total or partial office building, for brand new. located 200 meters from the road to masaya. The building is distributed in 3 modules or semi-independent areas, which have a large shared parking with capacity for 33 vehicles plus common areas. If you rent the entire building the price is $ 12 dollars per m2 + VAT if it is partial rent, it is available in 3 parts: "a" and "b" with a price of $ 12 + VAT and "C" with a price of u $ 14 + VAT. To these values must be added $ 2 of the maintenance fee. module "a", has 229.44 m2 has 3 half bathrooms for visitors and a small internal courtyard module "b" is with 2 levels, has 113.24 m2 on the ground floor and 152.31 m2 on the top floor for a total of 265.55 m2 It has 2 half bathrooms for visits on the ground floor and another on the second floor. module "c", has 119.13 m2 has 2 half bathrooms for visitors. The maintenance fee ($ 2 per m2) includes: permanent surveillance service, payment of water and gardening services. for example lease of module a: 229.44 m2 x $ 12 = $ 2,753.28 15% is $ 412,992 plus maintenance fee $ 458.88 (($ 2 per m2 the final price for module a, is $ 3,625.15



Las Colinas, Managua, Nicaragua

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