Beach state for sale Laguna de Apoyo, Granada

Código: TPV-10093 Sale price: U$ 1,140,000.00

Unique Opportunity at a Bargain Price: Property of 57 manzanas in Laguna de Apoyo with 322 meters of coastline and impressive views of the City of Granada, Mombacho Volcano, Isletas de Granada, Paso de Poneloya, Tisma and Boaco. Access to the property is quick and easy from Granada, just 4 kms away from the city. The public path surrounds the entire property until it reaches the viewpoint of the lagoon, where the blue water mirror appears just 10 minutes from the Granada city. Located right acrros Mirador de Catarina, this property has a generally flat topography, with precious wood trees on the edges and with views of Granada and the lagoon. The forested hillside area that runs down to the water is lush with an abundance of wildlife. The coast is crystal clear turquoise water with a sandy bottom. The trees in the viewpoints are populated by howler monkeys. It is a true sanctuary of nature with 223 species of birds, 190 species of butterflies and some 492 species of native and exotic plants. In addition, its forest is a refuge for a large number of species of insects, reptiles and mammals, among which are sloths, keepers, gautusas, skunks, deer, porcupines, rabbits, squirrels and tigrillos, among others. On the property there is a 600-meter natural path, covered with volcanic stone from the area with retaining walls in all curves, which ends about 50 meters from the water with a parking area for vehicles. Both the ride on foot and by vehicle is wonderful: The views are constantly changing, the lush forest shows lush vegetation and the native trees are impressive showing endless lianas. Ideal for an ecological hotel and spa-center of eco-therapy of high quality, wellness resort, recreational, tourist and educational ecological park, dock with recreational boats (sailing, electric, solar, pedal), typical restaurant, tropical botanical garden, eco -convention building, among many other uses. Its unmatched scenic beauty, strategic location, great biodiversity and unique size in one of the most important tourist spots in Nicaragua, make this one of the most select and exclusive properties in the country.



Laguna de Apoyo, Granada, Nicaragua

maria valeria bendaña
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