Beach state for sale El Ostional, Rivas

Código: TPV-7137 Sale price: U$ 690,000.00

land for sale in rivas san juan del sur. This is an excellent property composed of 5.2 mz (52,000vr2) ideal for urbanization, lotification or the construction of a beach hotel. This has a map of a lotification that is currently running and is part of Manzanillo Bay. 16 lots each and every one with a great view of the sea. All lots have a common parking lot and access via boundaries, internet communication and cell phones. there is a perforated well and primary electric light. In addition, as part of the strategic tourism development, a tourist border post is planned between the cross (of Costa Rica) and the Ostional (of Nicaragua), which has already begun its construction.



El Ostional, Rivas, Nicaragua

marina chaicovskaya
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