Beach state for sale Playa Ostional, Rivas

Código: TPV-7921

Beach lots for sale at a spectacular price: a total of 4 lots are available, that is 1920 m2 or 2747 vr2. the unit price for mt2 is $ 43.70 dollars or $ 30.54 dollars for vr2. for a total of $ 83,900 joint sale. the lots are located off the coast of ostional beach just 5 kilometers from the border with costa rica. flat land with public water and electricity services available. excellent for the construction of tourism project, villas or bungalows. The land is part of a lotification, it has a very good corner location and has a slope of about 8 meters and its environment of forests and jungle. the distance to the beach is 70 meters and there is a view from any point thanks to the height of the land. The beach of the ostional is a bay of 2 kilometers of extension with semicircular shape that offers everything a vacationer looks for, fine sands, wide beach, mangrove forests, a river of freshwater cliffs and its environment is rural with abundant vegetation and conserved fauna



Playa Ostional, Rivas, Nicaragua

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